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    MSU Fashion students in Japan

    Fashion is a vibrant player in popular culture. With many things tied up in it – cultural and socioeconomic identities, for example – fashion is as important to a country’s social well-being as it is to the economy. Tapping into the creative passions of its students, sharpening their communication and organization skills along the way, is Management and Science University (MSU) via the MSU Global Leadership Programme (GLP) to UEDA College of Fashion in Osaka, Japan.

    The annual UEDA GAKUEN Fashion Show has seen participation by MSU’s School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA) since 2018. This year’s UEDA GAKUEN Collection Showcase by MSU saw second-year students Siti Nur Azreen Mohd Nazri, Sofea Izlyn Shahaniza, Ameera Syazlyn Mohamad Zaki, and Nur Shahzanna Shahrun – all from the Bachelor in Fashion Design with Marketing (Hons) programme – joined by final-year students Zahirah Zulkhairi and Izyan Naqiah Abdullah Md Shahrin from the Diploma in Fashion Design programme, on the virtual 146th UEDA GAKUEN runway.

    Inspiration for the 2021 fashion collection came from none other than Malaysia’s own heritage treasures, with food and animation taking centre-stage. Extending the show’s theme into a concurrent virtual exhibition were final-year students Fitri Malinda Mohamad Shahrul and Wan Nur Izzah Aiman Wan Efendi from the Diploma in Fashion Design programme; as well as An-Nur Hazeeqah Mahfuzah Husain and Siti Fatimah Ahmad Zulkifle, both second-year students on the Bachelor in Fashion Design with Marketing (Hons) programme.

    The compelling learning experience, with its on-the-job artistic training in the world of couture and honing of skills transferable to industries beyond fashion, was provided by the Fashion Design Realization course common to the 3.5-year Bachelor in Fashion Design with Marketing (Hons) and the 2.5-year Diploma in Fashion Design programmes at Management and Science University (MSU).

    The MSU Global Leadership Programme (GLP) is one of three open to all students of the  University; the other two being the MSU Global Mobility Programme (GMP) and the MSU Global Internship Programme (GIP).

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