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    MEDISAR for Teluk Gong Disaster Relief

    The School of Medicine and Health Sciences (FKIK) Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) providing aids to the victims of the flood disaster at Teluk Gong, North Jakarta. The sub-district Teluk Gong located close to the Pluit Campus, which dedicated to the School.

    This humanitarian action was carried out by students who are members of the Medical Search and Rescue Team (MEDISAR) of AJCUI, and the alumnae of the School.

    For two days (January 3-4 2020), these brave volunteers were working closely with the Youth Catholic Organization of St. Philipus Rasul in distributing food supplies, medicine, and the needs of babies.

    dr. Yopi Simargi, supervisors and lecturer of FKIK AJCUI, who participated in this action, said that the MEDISAR team was requested to stand by during the urgent moment.

    “On the morning of January 1, the Phiras Disaster Response Team of St. Philipus Rasul had been announcing to prepare for a flood, since this area was prone to flooding,” said dr. Yopi.

    Yopi added by explaining that the water level is 1.5 meters in the area. Therefore it was only accessible by using inflatable boats, “The water level reaches as high as an adult’s chest. This is caused by the water pump not operating,” said Dr. Yopi

    During the action, the volunteers split into two teams. The first team built a health shelter at Stella Maris Pluit School, and another group tried to reach residents who needed help to directed to the shelter.

    In addition to providing aids, the team also giving a simple explanation regarding health and how mothers may help their families. They also entertain the children whos on the shelter as an act to relieve their stress.

    By these actions, the team hopes to ease the burden of the flood victims. And to solicit the AJCUI students to have a deeper understanding of solidarity and social care. Hopefully, this condition will return to normal soon, and the refugees are in good condition.

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