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    Impact with Care research video series by Lingnan University underscores support for UN SGDs

    Lingnan University School of Graduate Studies has produced a series of “Impact with Care” videos in which Lingnan professors talk about their research projects and explain how they can directly benefit communities and society at large. The 16 videos are available to view here.

    Lingnan’s focus on “Impact with Care” puts the University in a perfect position to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    “Guided by the concept of ‘Impact with Care’, professors and students actively engage in identifying problems for research, finding appropriate ways for promoting positive social changes and human betterment,” says Professor Joshua Mok, Vice-President of Lingnan University, and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

    “Our postgraduate programmes and student learning are well informed by impactful research, fostering a culture of care in support of the UN SDGs.”

    The video series features presentations about the University’s research in applied psychology, sociology, history, environment, economics, marketing and business, gerontechnology, conservation, sustainability, and big data.

    In his video, Professor Stefan Kühner, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, says that about 50 per cent of children in Hong Kong report experiencing stress and other social problems, and recommends that the government listen to children’s voices when formulating policies.

    “Professors should always show a duty of care about social progress in broader society, particularly for those leading less fortunate lives,” says Professor Kühner.

    ”As my academic interest centres on the critical social services across the life course, caring about children, working families and older adults are at the forefront of my endeavours to produce meaningful research outputs.”

    The research of Dr Padmore Adusei Amoah, Research Assistant Professor, addresses global health and wellbeing issues. In his video, Dr Amoah discusses how factors like economic status affect wellbeing.

    “The concept of ‘Impact with Care’ brings new meaning and motivation to research,” says Dr Amoah.

    “It iterates that research is not for its own sake but as a means to connect the findings to the development of our society. I always ask myself how any research I do can benefit our society, and how the knowledge produced can be shared with the ordinary person.”

    Lingnan’s excellence in research has been recognised internationally and locally. In the latest QS World University Rankings 2022, LU is classified as “Very High”, the best benchmark for its “Research Intensity”.

    In the latest Research Assessment Exercise 2020 conducted by the University Grants Committee in Hong Kong, over 50 per cent of submitted research outputs were rated either World Leading (4-star) or Internationally Excellent (3-star), while its Sociology and Anthropology came first, and Accountancy, Philosophy, and Social Work and Social Policy came second among all local public universities in terms of the percentage of 4-star research work.

    Lingnan scholars have also won important Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) fellowship awards for their outstanding research and achievements.

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