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    KNU selected as SW-centered university by the Ministry of Science and ICT

    Kyungpook National University has been selected as the “SW-centered university” organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT. Kyungpook National University was selected for the second phase of the project following the first phase in 2015. It is going to lead the advancement of SW education innovation by receiving a total of 11 billion won for up to 6 years.

    SW-centered university, which was first started in 2015, has been leading the training of SW professionals such as reorganization of SW curriculum due to industrial demand, expansion of SW major quota, and training SW convergence personnel. Starting this year, the second phase of upgrading the SW education system will begin, including strengthening education on new technologies such as artificial intelligence and preparing differentiated SW curricula by affiliates and levels.

    A total of nine universities were newly selected for the second phase of the project, including seven general track universities, including Kyungpook National University (4:1 competition ratio) and two special track universities (5.2:1 competition ratio).

    Kyungpook National University plans to strengthen on-site education based on industrial demand by forming and co-operating SW-sharing universities with universities in Daegu and Gyeongbuk and establishing SW industry-academic research clusters in industrial complexes. In addition, SW Education Center, which is the first stage of SW business, will be promoted to SW Education Center.

    In order to strengthen convergence education, the SW Convergence Education Committee will be established as the vice-chairman. It is going to install AI Computing Major (Track) in the Department of Computer Science and strengthen AI-related SW major education by majoring in artificial intelligence, data convergence computing, and artificial intelligence convergence education.

    Won Hwa Hong, the president of Kyungpook National University said, “As the first SW-centered university was selected in 2015, it has transformed university education into SW-centered, training related professionals and strengthening SW competitiveness in companies and regions. Based on performance and infrastructure, we will take the lead in realizing an SW-oriented society by not only fostering internationally recognized professionals but also spreading SW values.”

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