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    KNU establishes semiconductor graduate school system to train over 400 experts annually

    Kyungpook National University will establish a ‘semiconductor graduate school system’ that will produce more than 400 semiconductor experts per year. The announcement reflects the active steps KNU is taking to overcome the chronic shortage of semiconductor-related manpower that has recently become serious.

    KNU plans to train a total of 100 professionals per year, 50 semiconductor experts through an undergraduate master’s linkage course, and 50 advanced semiconductor experts through a master’s-doctoral linkage course. In addition, through the ‘Interdisciplinary Convergence Graduate Program,’ which integrates related fields in the semiconductor industry ecosystem, such as materials, process, design, and system semiconductors, 300 skilled professionals will be trained annually.

    Kyungpook National University has been developing the field of IT as a national specialized field since the 1970s, while also steadily building research infrastructure for training talented professionals. Moreover, KNU is currently moving forward with a next-generation semiconductor ecosystem creation project with Daegu Metropolitan City, and it is also planning the establishment of an academic department that is customized/employment-guaranteed through collaboration with various industries.

    Won-Hwa Hong, President of Kyungpook National University, noted, “The talented semiconductor experts that are produced will create a virtuous cycle ecosystem of core technology, R&D, and professionally competent industrial manpower, which will be a powerful driving force for regional development and for gaining a competitive edge in the international semiconductor rivalry, which is often described as a ‘world war.’”