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    Jeanne Francoise, Lecturer of President University, speaker of National Seminar of 7th ERTC

    Saturday (6/11), Dr. Jeanne Francoise, lecturer of the International Relations Study Program, President University (PresUniv), became one of the speakers at the National Seminar of 7th Emergency Response Training Centre (ERTC) organized by the Student Regiment of the University of Indonesia, in collaboration with Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana and U-INSPIRE, youth and young professionals on innovation science and technology platform for resiliency. In this hybrid seminar, the theme is Peran Pemuda dalam Penanggulangan Bencana, Pertahanan Nasional dan Perlindungan Masyarakat.

    At this seminar, Jeanne talked about “The Role of the Young People in the Defense Heritage Protection.” Based on her dissertation research, one Indonesian youth has the burden of protecting 1,250 heritage, including defense heritage, both in the form of tangible and intangible heritage. “This result is obtained by dividing the number of youth in Indonesia, which is around 83.16 million with 66,513 existing heritages,” she explained.

    Jeanne continued, some of Indonesia’s intangible defense heritage, namely Pancasila, bahasa Indonesia, local languages, and batik processing. “Those intangible things were the unifying element of “Becoming Indonesia” in our national defense history and becoming our national identity until now,” she said.

    According to Jeanne, Indonesia has needed systematic heritage education since childhood. She said, “It takes political will to transform Indonesia as a heritage research country. Not only having museums, monuments or heritage sites but how can we see those objects as part of national history and promote them to the world.” She added that on December 1, 2021, Indonesia would take the G20 Presidency. “This is a good moment for the younger generation to promote Indonesia’s cultural heritage,” She said.