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    ITS Launched the First Production of EVITS, ITS’ Latest Electrical Motorbike

    Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has recently launched the first production of an electric motorbike called EVITS as a result of innovation to provide clean and eco-friendly energy for Indonesia. ITS through PT ITS Tekno Sains in collaboration with PT Panggung Electric Citrabuana inaugurated the first production of EVITS electric motorbikes on Thursday, 21 December 2023 at PT Panggung Electric Citrabuana.

    The Rector of ITS, Prof. Mochamad Ashari, revealed that this cooperation is important. Universities today are no longer limited tornteaching but are also expected to implement their innovations into commercial products, providing economic value to all parties, including the community. Dr. I Ketut Gunarta, Director of PT ITS Tekno Sains, stated that reaching this point required extra effort and involved various stages of research, taking almost a year. This effort resulted in the birth of the first generation of EVITS, the EVITS TS-1, to address various consumer needs. EVITS is an electric motorbike equipped with an ergonomic design and good acceleration capabilities,providing comfort for the rider. It is also equipped with a battery that provides a range of up to 60 kilometers.

    As of now, PT ITS Tekno Sains is developing three other types of electric motorbikes that have entered the initial development stage.All those three types of motorbike are planned to be launched in 2024. As the supply management of the production of EVITS, PT Panggung Electric Citrabuana was thrilled and proud to be able to bring environmentally friendly products to the community. It is expected that this cooperation can bring a beneficial impact to Indonesia.