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    Humanity Calling from Asmat to Africa

    Idealism, humility, and strong determinism are a few virtues that can describe who  Jodi Visnu is. This medical doctor who is called Jodi can be used as a role model for you because he has a wealth of experience and a wide network with extraordinary people at a young age of 32.

    After graduating from Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Atma Jaya Catholic University in 2011, the man, born in 1986, had an offer from Father Charlie “Carolus” Burrows OMI to help MISEREOR (a Catholic organization from Germany that is committed to fighting poverty in Africa, Asia, and Latin America). After joining this organization, he was sent to Asmat, Papua. At first, the reason why dr. Jodi was sent here was to finish a report. However, because of strong calling for community services in himself, dr. Jodi did not just do this. He also directly helped with medical services in Papua. Together with his college friend, dr. Adrian Purwadihardja, and supported by the local government and diocese, provided the community with a number of medical services as well as counseling.

    dr. Jodi spent two years of his life doing medical services in Papua. Almost every day dr. Jodi had to face the relatively challenging area of Asmat, as well as the uncertain weather and unfamiliar culture there. To reach their workplace, dr. Jodi and dr. Adrian had to use a speedboat and ride through the waves and hurricane.

    The man who likes to sing admitted that he came to Papua because of his youthful idealism. “My motivation for serving the community became stronger when I was offered by Father Carolus to go to Asmat. My youth idealism made me ashamed to go back on my words. March ahead!” said dr. Jodi.

    After serving in Asmat, Papua, dr. Jodi was invited several times to serve in several countries. For example, in 2017 dr. Jodi was invited by a Catholic priest he knew to run a social mission in education in Beijing. Next, recently dr. Jodi was invited to provide medical services to the communities in Kenya, Afrika. He fulfilled the invitation in 2018 last year. “The visit is mainly for maintaining the relationship that has been established. I went there to foster friendship as well as being able to serve the communities. I enjoy all these activities,” explained dr. Jodi.

    At present dr. Jodi is working on a course related to dissertation writing at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. This course is pre-requirement for beginning doctoral students. Yep, right now dr. Jodi is working hard to complete his doctoral studies. However, although he is busy with his studies, he is still able to find time for doing his community services. Another surprising thing is that dr. Jodi managed to finish writing two books, namely ‘Visit The Land of Cendrawasih: Catatan Seorang Dokter Misioner’ (Visit the Land of Cendrawah: Notes of a Missionary Doctor)—about his journey in Papua—and an autobiography entitled ‘Jejak Langkah’ (Traces of Footsteps).

    “We believe that above the sky there is another sky. There is a bigger force that watches everything we do in this world. Everything that we started must be gone through and completed as well as possible. We believe that God has planned the best for us. Finish what you started!” ended dr. Jodi.

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