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    Huawei and GIK agree to build a better AI talent ecosystem

    Mr. Wangxuesong, Head of Services and Trainings, Huawei Pakistan, called upon the Rector, GIK Institute, Mr. Jehangir Bashar, to discuss strengthening of collaborations between the two organizations. Dr. Ghulam Abbas, Director Huawei ICT Academy, GIK Institute, Dr. Raja Hashim, Assistant Professor, GIK Institute, Mr. Syed Bilal Qasim and Ms. Ding Lan of Huawei’s ICT Talent Ecosystem Development Unit, and Mr. Saqib Shafiq, Technical Service Director, Huawei Enterprise Business, were also present.

    GIK and Huawei are currently working together to bridge the ICT knowledge and skills gap through the Huawei ICT Academy established at GIK. The academy offers the students of GIK an opportunity to learn the latest industrial technologies and become Huawei certified in support of their subsequent careers in the ICT industry. The Huawei ICT Academy Program spans more than 600 universities in over 50 countries across the world. Recently, Huawei has conducted a worldwide ranking of academies and has announced top ten Huawei Academies and top ten Huawei Academy Instructors. The Huawei ICT Academy at GIK has been ranked 4th among all academies globally.

    In the meeting, Mr. Jehangir Bashar urged the need to expand the Wi-Fi blanket at the Institute in collaboration with Huawei. Directives were issued to the concerned departments of both the organizations to make rapid progress in this direction. Mr. Wangxuesong and Mr. Jehangir Bashar also agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for working together to develop a completely new model for Artificial Intelligence education to foster the growth of the AI talent in Pakistan. Later, Huawei conducted an ICT Competition Roadshow at the Institute and interacted with students.

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