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    Getting Job-ready in Digital Era

    Nowadays, educational institutions are more open to science students who want to study in public universities. There are university admissions, quota round, normal admission round, English program, and special program.

    Several universities have introduced a special program such as
    Financial Mathematics course.  Some of the new courses such as Data Science and Innovation is aimed to build new graduates for this digital era. In terms of teaching, the course will be intensive and professors will teach academic content similar to normal programs.  Currently, courses in special programs are necessary in the job for the needs of industry and labor market in the future as the following details:

    “Computer Sciences” course of special program

    Students who like technology studies will definitely like this course because this course will focus on learning about advanced computer sciences. It serves market needs, especially software engineering courses. Many students are interested in this course because they will learn about program development, application, and information technology, including new technology development like AI or Data Science. Moreover, there are new jobs for Gen Z group such as UI/UX that require creativity and marketing methods to design technology applications like Youtube Channel to suit the follower’s needs.

    For the Computer Sciences course of special program, students will learn and get real experience with the support from specialized professors and advanced tools. Moreover, there is a collaboration between the government sector and private sector, including educational and research institutions, to offer students a chance to get real work experience. It is one of the job fields that many organizations want.

    Study “Statistics” for this information era

    It is a course in a special program that focuses on the ability to use computer programs to arrange many forms of information to get the utmost benefit through analysis and statistics theory. Students will have critical thinking skills and information computing skills. This course is suitable for those who want to be data analysts in organizations. It is necessary for this information era.

    “Mathematics” for those who want to learn about finance

    This course is for students who want to learn about mathematics and finance. This Mathematics course of special program focuses on the basic foundation of advanced mathematics. Students will deeply learn about theory and principle in order to analyze and research academic work on a national and international level. For those who want to be a teacher or professor in the university, they also can study in this course. For a special program, we open a course called “Mathematical Finance” which is not in a normal program. Students will learn how to analyze problems about finance and investment.

    “Management Mathematics”

    It is a management science that combines mathematics, statistics, and computer knowledge with the management process. It is an application course that focuses on learning useful skills for the 21st century. We lack new generations who are able to analyze, systematize, link information, use simulation models, predict, plan, and solve the problem systematically with the most appropriate method. Students who study this course can apply knowledge to many fields of work such as industry, process management, logistics, supply chain management, transportation or airlines, financial business, investment analysis, service business, project management, human resource management, and other management jobs in government and private sectors.

    “Actuarial Science” high market needs

    Students will learn how to analyze situations in the past, evaluate the risks in the present, and determine the likelihood of a certain event occurring in the future. It is important for the life insurance and casualty insurance industry. The skills help to manage financial risk and pension funds for member’s benefits. Students will integrate the knowledge of mathematics, statistics, risk management, economics, business management, accounting, and laws in management and decision-making. It will lead to financial stability for all and a good balance between the company and the insurer.

     New “Data Science and Innovation” course

    The purpose of this program is to create graduates for the industry section. Students will learn through technique and advanced Artificial Intelligence. They will learn about mathematics, statistics, computer, and innovation in order to have specific knowledge for the needs of the industry. When they graduate from this course, they can work as an information analyst, information engineer, or information scientists which are the necessary job in the market.

    “Bioenergy and Biochemical Refinery Technology”

     People who love learning about biochemicals should learn Bioenergy and Biochemical Refinery Technology course. Students will learn about biotechnology, biofuels, chemical, and basic knowledge about engineering. Students also get a chance to do an internship in big organization for 1 year. Students will graduate with real work experience and problem-solving skills which is necessary for the biofuel and biochemical industry in the future.


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