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    Four students from Thailand learn traditional medicine at UNAIR

    UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Traditional Medicine (Battra) Faculty of Vocational Studies welcomed four international students from Mahidol University, Thailand on Monday, June 24. Through a Student Inbound Program, Nattanida Piwkham and three friends visited Battra Program to discuss and share knowledge about traditional medicine.

    “We enjoy it, and we’re interested in learning new things and meeting new friends who receive us warmly,” said Nattanida Piwkham.

    The four inbound student participants were Nattanida Piwkham, Supasiri Rattanakit, Noppawit Jianrungsinbavorn, and Kasira Kluaklin. They are students of Traditional Thai Medicine program at Mahidol University. Their arrival at Faculty of Vocational Studies was warmly welcomed by Battra Program Coordinator, lecturer, and students.

    After several discussion sessions on the differences between traditional Thai medicine and traditional medicine in Indonesia, the inbound students visited the herbal medicine manufacturing laboratory. They learned how to make Jamu Beras Kencur (traditional herbal drink from rice flour and aromatic ginger) and cold powder from Faculty of Vocational Studies students.

    Also, inbound students learned how to mix and apply the Javanese Body Scrub. Not only learning the Javanese Massage technique, but the four students from Mahidol University also explained how to diagnose diseases based on traditional Thai medicine.

    Nattanida said that Indonesian Traditional Medicine has similarities with Thai Traditional Medicine because both have principles that are almost the same with each other. However, Battra’s program applies it with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), while traditional Thai medicine is applied with Ayurvedic (health science from India, ed).

    “So, this is a good opportunity to exchange knowledge and discuss similarities or differences between us,” Nattanida stated.

    Battra hoped that there would be subsequent visits from Mahidol University students to UNAIR and vice versa. “This activity also aims to introduce the Battra Program to the international community and share knowledge and discuss traditional medicine in Indonesia and other countries,” said Myrna Adianti as Hima Battra’s coach. (*)

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