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    Embracing the artificial intelligence as support system

    The era of artificial intelligence and disruption pushes every enterprise to quickly adapt to the occurring changes. This also means that the massive technological development serves as an alarm for the people to learn faster and decide smarter. This was explained by an alumnus of the Management Study Program of President University batch 2004 Bayu Widyo Megantoro during the President University Alumni Expert Talks who currently works as Human Resources Business Partner, PT. Nestlé Indonesia (11/10).

    “In this era, it is important to find a company that allows you to grow professionally and personally. Once you find it, strive”, he added. Besides that, he also stated that it is important for companies to create a clever work environment as a strategy to retain the quality of the workforce.

    Hendy Purwanto Budiana, as an alumnus of Management Study Program of President University batch 2003 who currently works as the Talent Acquisition, Learning, and Organization Development in PT. Cinemaxx Global Pasifik supported that statement. He stated, it is a must to understand the workforce, especially that of the millennial generation. The way a company provides the experience and makes ends meet, as well as identifying the risks and the future behaviors of the employees are the responsibilities of those who work within the Human Resources (HR) management sector. When those points are fulfilled, the objectives will be achieved.

    As the representative of the millennial generation who is also an active student of Management Study Program batch 2017, Thrisnaputri Wijaya was invited to share her thoughts. “This is the era where volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity occur. The only way to solve it is by embracing the occurring changes as support system instead of an enemy”, she said. That aside, she stated that it is crucial to have a mindset to think that these changes will never replace any job.

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