EdUHK to Boost AI Education and Mathematics Learning


The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) has received a donation of HK$5 million from the Li Ka Shing Foundation in support of the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology to cultivate artificial intelligence (AI) literacy and develop e-learning materials in Mathematics.

EdUHK will adopt the AI educational solution offered by Kneron, the world’s top three provider of AI solutions, to inculcate students with system thinking, symbol application, and scientific and technological information.

Students will be guided to reflect on how AI may be applied to their own domains such as arts, languages, physical education, psychology, etc.

The University will also collaborate with Hong Kong Designers Association to produce high-quality animated video clips with songs, enabling primary school students to learn and understand various mathematical concepts with fun. Primary school students, their teachers, and parents can download and use the materials for free.