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    Development needs analysis masterclass equipped lecturers and students with higher-level investigation skills

    Todays’ work environment requires employees to be excellent in working on complex tasks in an efficient and cost-effective way. In order to produce excellent human resource, a university needs to always update their curriculum to meet the industry’s needs. In response to this need, President University lecturers participated in a Development Needs Analysis (DNA) Masterclass led by Anderson Tan, the Managing Director of Accelebator Pte. Ltd., a consultancy firm based in Singapore.

    According to Anderson Tan, DNA needs to be applied in a university learning process. DNA here is a process of gathering and analyzing information to identify where there are gaps between how a role should be performed, and how it is being performed.

    This masterclass aimed to equip lecturers and students with the competencies required to conduct a carefully planned DNA. Having a planned DNA enables students to understand how to respond to industry needs in this continuous transformation era. In addition, students will be able to identify and build the most relevant capabilities required in the company or industry they want to work in. Therefore, learning the skills to perform a planned DNA is a significant step towards building both organizational and individual capabilities that are well-coordinated, integrated, timely, cost-effective, and based on real industry needs and development expectations.

    The masterclass held at President University on September 2-3, 2019 and was participated by lecturers from various study programs. On the first day, the lecturers obtained all the information about DNA. On the second day, the lecturers directly made a plan to put the DNA into the learning process. Through this masterclass, the lecturers hoped that the inclusion of DNA in the learning process will help President University students to have higher-level skills and abilities that will make them more productive employees in the future.

    Latest Posts

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