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    Commemorating 20 years of JICA, UPI partnership

    Back in twenty years ago while national educational improvement in Indonesia was assisted by JICA through series of project including a building inaugurated by President Megawati Soekarno Putri and Ambassador of Japan Mr. Hideaki Domichi; Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education (FPMIPA) Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia commemorates this reflecting on experience of JICA cooperation in education, to share best practice in Indonesia and beyond, and to explore of driven status of lesson study development and partnership.

    The committee chairman, Sumar Hendayana, said the FPMIPA Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia have been set up three activities since February 2022: (1) Faculty members training for enhancing science and mathematics learning through lesson study for learning community at FPMIPA Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, (2) development of Memoar Essay book, there are 42 out of 52 articles lesson learnt of learning improvement with authors (nationwide, from Aceh to Papua), (3) JICA Reflective meeting (26 August 2022), along with launching of Asia-Africa Learning Improvement Network (AALIN), the 13th ICLS & 3rd ICLIm (27 August 2022), ALSI meeting (28 August 2022), dan open class at UPI-Labschool (29 August 2022).

    About three hundred sixty-nine participants joined the event, which 93% of the participants participated online. Also, about Ninety-four presenter shared their papers include 5 keynote speakers, 12 plenary speakers, 3 symposium speakers, and 66 parallel speakers across from various background in education such as from teachers, principals, board of education, Ministry of education, students, and academicians both national dan internationally.

    Prof Tatang Herman, Dean of FPMIPA Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, explained the success of the 20 years commemoration of JICA cooperation in education is made possible by the supports of strong commitment of organizing committee members for their hard work over the last one year to provide interesting and stimulating the commemoration program for all participants.

    Furthermore, JICA Indonesia Representatives, Mr. Kenji OKAMURA feels proud and happy and express JICA thanks-full on the 20th years of commemoration of cooperation between JICA-UPI, through a collaborative study of classroom-based learning that develop as a good practice that we called it as “Lesson Study”. He explained that this Japanese “lesson study” has been adopted in many collaborative education projects. JICA started its first technical collaboration aimed at improving the quality of basic education in the mid-1990s, responding to the global commitment to quality basic education, and Indonesia was one of the first five countries in basic education partnership emphasis on “ownership”, “partnership”, “independence” as the basic philosophy.