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    Chula Students Named as Thai Classical Music Youth 2020

    Two Chula students, Mr. Phanarit Gomolsing and Mr. Patipol SaeLee, 3rd year students from Faculty of Education (Music Education), Chulalongkorn University, have been named the Thai Classical Music Youth 2020 (Honorable Mention Awards) from the Department of Cultural Promotion.

    Mr. Phanarit Gomolsing has been familiar with Thai classical music since he was young because his grandfather and father were Thai classical musicians. He can play not only the alto xylophone, but also all kinds of traditional Thai musical instruments. One of his accomplishments was winning the first prize in the Thai classical music contest called “Pralong Pleng Praleng Mahori”.

    Mr. Phanarit said “Playing Thai musical instruments allows me to practice my skills to create. I am always excited every time I play. I want everyone to open up their minds to learn Thai musical instruments. When I make music, I follow four principles: Learn, Practice, Patience, and Improve. With music, it takes time to practice and requires a lot of patience. Sometimes it takes hundreds or thousands of practices for me to be ready for one performance.”

    Another student chosen as the Thai Classical Music Youth 2020 is Mr. Patipol Sae-Lee, who plays the three stringed fiddle. He has received awards from several Thai classical music contests, such as the ‘Three Stringed Fiddle’, Mahori music, organized by the Bangkok Bank Musical Arts Centre, and the winner of the ‘Soprano Fiddle’ in ‘Sornthong’ – a Thai classical music contest, organized by Luang Pradit Pairoh Foundation (Sorn Silapabanleng).

    Mr. Patipol said that “I have been interested in Thai classical music since I was in primary school. While studying, I feel very passionate about it and it becomes a part of my life. My technique is to practice regularly. Apart from this, finding a role model is an inspiration for development. My role models are my Thai classical music teachers, whom I met when I was in school. I still remember them all, how they taught me to play the Thai classical music.

    “My hope is for Thai classical music to become more popular with the new generation” Mr. Patipol concluded.

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