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    Chitkara University Organizes Event to Raise Awareness on Cancer

    First-year students of M.Sc Nursing and Medical-Surgical Nursing, Chitkara University under the guidance of Dr. Vinay Kumari, Vice Principal, Department Of Nursing organized an event on “World Cancer Day”.

    The theme for the event was, ”I am and I will” and was organized to spread awareness about cancer.

    The event talked about how people, as a community, can work together to reduce cancer risk factors. They can overcome barriers through early diagnosis, treatment, and palliative care. The event also addressed how people can work together to improve cancer control and achieve global objective to reduce premature mortality from cancer and NCDs.

    There were various activities organized in the Community Health Centre, Kalomajra, Rajpura and a virtual eQuiz was arranged for undergraduate Nursing students.

    It came out to be a successful event that did not just help in spreading knowledge but creating awareness as well.

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