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    Chinese Universities aim to initiate World-Class Institutions

    The Double World Class list released recently consists of 42 universities and 95 disciplines. They are selected to be part of the government’s hopeful initiative in singling out top universities to obtain the support required to set a foot in the premier rank of higher learning institutes.

    The new list, consisting of both elite schools and ordinary institutions with distinct disciplines also has a five-year review to preclude institutions that have significantly dropped in standards over the years; thereby increasing competition among these selected schools. In addition, it allowed non- 985/211 universities to now have an opportunity to be in the race and possibly avoid elimination.

    Unlike world class universities which typically comprise of distinct disciplines and unique strengths of their own, most chinese universities offer courses in almost all disciplines. Therefore, with this new initiative, the government hope to have the selected universities focus on listed subjects and develop their own strengths in order to become “world class”.

    However, some viewed this initiative as a change in form rather than content. China Youth Daily stated that the attempt to transform all universities into world class institutions is both an impractical and redundant move. Support should be given to promising universities and disciplines instead.

    Original Source: Xin Hua