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    Children with butterfly syndrome underwent surgery at Aksai University Clinic of Asfendiyarov, KazNMU

    Jewelry operations are carried out these days at the Aksai University Children’s Clinical Hospital of the Sanzhar Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University. On the operating table, children developed a second form of epidermolysis bullosa, a disease more severe as Butterfly syndrome.

    Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare genetic congenital disease. It is not infectious and does not pose any danger to others. To date, 108 people live with this diagnosis in Kazakhstan, 63 of them are children.

    Young patients with this diagnosis are called “butterfly children”, all because their skin is very vulnerable and sensitive to even the lightest injuries. Relentless pain and daily bandages almost all over the body are what such children live with. And because of the constant injury to the skin, the limbs often appeared. The method of complete cure of this principle does not yet exist in the world, but finger and toe separation operations are practiced to make life easier for such children.

    The first operations for such children in Kazakhstan began at the Aksai University Clinic in Almaty last year. Today, another master class on the separation of fingers and toes is being held here. There are 3 children among the patients. Two of them are from the same family: 8-year-old Tanat and 5-year-old Kuanysh. Both boys have a severe dystrophic form of epidermolysis bullosa, in which the fingers and toes fuse into a cocoon.

    Specialists train doctors in the technique of using microsurgical instruments, moving blood-supplied skin and fat flaps. Lectures will be held on the topic: “General principles of surgical treatment of pseudosyndactyly in children with epidermolysis bullosa” (lecturer Firsova Anna Andreevna, doctor of the orthopedic Department of reconstructive Microsurgery and hand Surgery of the G.I. Turner Federal State Medical University NIDOI); “Modern technologies of anesthesiological means for operations on extremities” (lecturer: Novikova Veronika Sergeevna anesthesiologist-intensive care unit of Anesthesiology and the intensive care unit of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution NIDOI. G.I. Turner).