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    [email protected] with Johan Ishak, CEO of Media Prima TV

    In the effort of moving from academia operating in isolation to the quadruple helix of academia, industry, government and local communities, it culminates in a partnership for incubation, development and commercialization of ideas between this two entities.

    In the light of this collaboration, [email protected] program was created to bring together top local CEOs and industry players to the Faculty of Business and Management. CEO [email protected] serves as an engaging platform for sharing knowledge and experiences between academia and industry.

    Mr Johan Ishak , the CEO of Media Prima TV Networks was the second CEO to touch base with FBM and its staff and students. The 44 years old CEO talked about the impact of industrial revolution on the Entertainment industry especially a Television company.

    The survival of television in the Internet era, sustaining, maintaining and retaining relevant workforce with the revolutions of the operation and working system which are online based rather than person based.

    The talk was held at DK 200, PFI Building , Faculty of Business and Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA attended by 10 academic staff and 158 students. The talk was very relevant in striving to educate the students about the future of workforce and for the students to equip themselves with the necessary skills needed in facing the internet and automated era. This issue has become an eye opener for the students to improve themselves and set a competitive advantage to survive in the future.

    Latest Posts

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