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    Appreciation to students through Atma Jaya Student Award 2019

    Every year, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) held a prestigious event in which they show appreciation to high-achieving active students. This appreciation was started on June 1th, 2010 during the celebration of Golden Anniversary of Atma Jaya. The celebration was filled by various activities in the spirit of “Atma Jaya for God and Country”. It was then initiated to hold “Putra Putri Kampus 2010” in order to give appreciation to high-achieving Atma Jaya students. To select the best Putra and Putri Kampus (Campus Ambassadors), several criteria were set up by adopting national-level high-achieving student selection added with the criterion of “drug-free” to demonstrate Atma Jaya’s consistency as a drug-free campus.

    This recognition was considered able to show appreciation to high-achieving Atma Jaya students. In 2011, the name of “Pemilihan Putra Putri Kampus” was changed to “Mahasiswa Berpretasi” (High-achieving students). Then, in 2018, in order to give appreciation in broader context, the name was changed to “Atma Jaya Student Award”. In 2019, the latest name was used again to give appreciation in several fields:

    1. Mawapres Ristekdikti , the winner in this category will represent AJCUI in the national level of Mawapres held by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Ristekdikti)
    2. Mawapres bidang Ilmiah, this category is to give appreciation to students based on their achievement, from university-level to international-level, in scientific field
    3. Mawapres bidang Minat dan Bakat,  this category is to give appreciation to students who have achievements in sports or arts, from university-level to international-level
    4. Mawapres bidang Inovasi Produk, this category is to give appreciation to students who have come up with new innovation, either in ideas or process.
    5. Mawapres bidang Kewirausahaan (Entrepreneurship) is divided into two: pre-startup and startup.
    6. Mawapres bidang Kepedulian Sosial, this category is to give appreciation to programs which hold sustainable and impactful social empathy value
    7. Organisasi Mahasiswa Berprestasi (High-achieving Student Organization), this category is an appreciation to students who implement good governance in their organization management
    8. Atma Jaya Got Talent, this category is an appreciation to students who have special talents in certain fields

    In the Award Ceremony, on Friday, May 17th, 2019, the third vice-rector, in charge of student affairs, dr. Tommy N. Tanumihardja, Sp.An. said that the aim of this event was to give appreciation to students who have successfully reached high achievements in curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities, while at the same time to encourage students to care and respond to problems found in the society through scientific paper they have to write.

    In the Mawapres Ristekdikti category, all finalists were assessed by five judges: Ir. Aswin Wirjadi (the Head of Atma Jaya Foundation), Dr. iur. Asmin Fransiska (the Head of Atma Jaya Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM)), Brigitta (a senior journalist of Kompas), Dr. Yustinus Winarto from PT. Lapi Laboratories and Dr. Phil. Juliana Murniati, M.Si. (a lecturer of Atma Jaya Faculty of Psychology).

    All judges assessed all finalists through various issues, such as Industry 4.0, big data, changes in lifestyle, improvement of Indonesia’s human resources, equal distribution of health service, climate change and natural disasters, sustainable city planning, plastic waste policy, gender inequality in education, violence against women, policy regarding disabled people as subject of development, and how to change behavior of entrepreneur in order to create environmentally sustainable industry and better treatment to human resources which are in line with SDGs.

    Students’ understanding of these issues is very essential as they are expected to have social sensitivity and be innovative in solving social problems through what they have learned.

    One of the judges in the field of social care, a lecturer of Atma Jaya Faculty of Education and Language, Henny Christine Mamahit, M.Pd. said, “becoming a judge in this event made me grateful because there are still many Indonesian young people who are high-achiever and empathetic. It shows that Indonesia does not experience crisis of sympathy and social care.

    This event is expected to be able to accommodate the showing of appreciation to students who are highly capable in hard skills, soft skills, and solving social issues.

    List of winners:

    1. Ristekdikti High-Achieving Student Category

    1st Winner: Sherly Dermawan (Faculty of Medicine)

    2nd Winner: Gracia Carolina (Faculty of Education and Language)

    3rd Winner: Alvin Angjaya (Faculty of Economics and Business)

    Most Favorite Winner: Gregorio Gavriel Singgih (Faculty of Medicine)

    2. Product Innovation 2019 Category

    1st Winner: Search and Recon Hybrid Robot (Faculty of Engineering), a robot which can help detect and find victims trapped during disaster

    2nd Winner: SAMIE (Faculty of Biotechnology), high-protein noodles made from edible insect, ulat sagu

    3rd Winner: Poco Loco and El Nacho (Faculty of Biotechnology), Poco loco is a pudding made from red bean with two flavor variants: banana and melon, while El Naco is tacos made from enoki (a type of mushroom)

    1. Social Care Category

    1st Winner: Atma Jaya Peduli Mentawai (Faculty of Medicine)

    2nd Winner: Merajut Mimpi melalui program Pendampingan Anak /PENA (Faculty of Psychology)

    3rd Winner: Pendampingan Kantin Sekolah (Faculty of Medicine)

    1. University-level Scientific Field Category

    1st Winner: Glenardi (Faculty of Medicine)

    2nd Winner: Stephanie (Faculty of Engineering)

    3rd Winner: Harvey Sudharta (Faculty of Medicine)

    1. Entrepreneurship Category


    1st Winner: Eat Meat (Faculty of Economics and Business)

    2nd Winner: RND Sausage (Faculty of Economics and Business)

    3rd Winner: Trashsure (Faculty of Economics and Business)


    1st Winner: Jolie Jello (Faculty of Education and Language)

    2nd Winner:  Kopi Entok (Faculty of Economics and Business)

    3rd Winner: Shoper Clean (Faculty of Economics and Business)

    1. Interests and Talent Category

    1st Winner: Abrian Adri (Faculty of Education and Language), national swimming athlete

    2nd Winner: Kirana (Faculty of Psychology), national sailing athlete

    3rd Winner: Dick Perthino (Faculty of Business Administration and Communication Studies), monologue theater

    1. Atma Jaya Got Talent 2019 Category

    1st Winner: Michelle (Faculty of Medicine)

    2nd Winner: Voxlatile (Faculty of Biotechnology)

    3rd Winner: Tika (Faculty of Psychology)

    Popularity Awards: Jeremiah Efata

    1. High-achieving Student Organization Category

    1st Winner: Faculty of Medicine and Communication Studies

    2nd Winner: Scientific Discussion Forum (Fodim)

    3rd Winner: Atma Jaya Debating Club

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