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    Appreciation Day SILVER Program

    Community Empowerment Center/ Pusat Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (PPM) Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) on Friday (12/13/2019), held an event titled ‘Appreciation Day’ at Building D, Semanggi Campus. This event is to show appreciation for the efforts made by the participants of the ‘SILVER’ mentoring coaching program.

    This event is to recognize the efforts and seriousness carried out by participants during the series of activities. Participants are allowed to display the final result of their craft at the event.

    The organizer also awarded participants with certificates as a token of the completion of the program. Furthermore, this also sent a message to participants hoping that the efforts that have begun will continue to open doors for new opportunities and move forward towards a more certain future.

    Omidullah Moqori, a refugee from Afghanistan, claimed to be very proud and grateful to AJCUI for providing this opportunity. Moqori said that the support given by AJCUI and other institutions for refugees in Indonesia is precious for those who choose to live amid a different culture. He claims to gain a myriad of benefits during this activity.

    “I want to say thank Atma Jaya for supporting me. It is an excellent program and beneficial for me, ” said the Omidullah Moqori on Friday (12/13/2019) at the same event.

    As an educational institution with a Christian background, the AJCUI has a mission to live up the motto “Option for the Poor.”, which responsible for providing opportunities and aids to people in need, like refugees. This activity provides opportunities for lecturers and students to be able to carry out community service activities and enlive the core values of the AJCUI, namely KUPP.

    “The Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia as an educational institution that has a moral responsibility to address the realities of life, one of which is this refugee. We want to integrate with faculty activities and activities, so we can continue to help them, “. said Herman Yosef Sutarno, SILVER’s Program Coordinator.

    Since 2019, the PPM has collaborated with civitas across faculties of AJCUI to run the Self Improvement Lesson Vocational Training for Refugees (SILVER) program. SILVER is a coaching program supported by United Nations High Commission (UNCHR) and International Labor Organization (ILO). This program aims to prepare refugees with entrepreneurial knowledge and a necessary social skill to cope with wherever communities they are.

    Five faculties involved in this program are the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), the Faculty of Engineering (FT), the Faculty of Psychology (FP), the Faculty of Business Administration Science and Communication Sciences (FIABIKOM), and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (FKIK).

    In this program, participants are allowed to choose the fields according to their interests. The lucky 30 participants expected to take advantage of opportunities to open their businesses and meet their needs.

    Latest Posts

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