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    Ajou University Graduate School of International Studies meets finance program graduates in Cambodia

    Ajou University Graduate School of International Studies (Dean Jay Ick Lim) arranged a meeting of its finance program graduates in Cambodia.

    Under the KFB-Ajou Banking and Finance Scholarship Program, the University provides education in banking, finance, IT, and the Korean language to Cambodian undergraduates over the course of ten weeks. Program graduates then participate in 12-week internships at Korean banks operating in Cambodia (KB, Shinhan, and PPCB, etc.).

    The Program provides short-term training based on an agreement signed in September 2017 between Ajou and KFB (Korea Federation of Banks) to foster local talents with financial expertise, producing a total of 29 graduates so far – 14 in 2017 and 15 in 2018. From among them, 20 have been employed by Korean banks located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, after completing their internships.

    Sim Piseth, a graduate of the Program and employee at KB’s Cambodia branch, said, “I realized the excellence of Korean banks as I learned about the financial market in Korea during the KFB-Ajou Banking and Finance Scholarship Program,” adding, “I would like to contribute to the development of Cambodia’s financial system.”

    Dean Jay Ick Lim said, “We at Ajou University are very proud that we are helping Korean banks expand their presence in Cambodia and hire new employees and are contributing to local economic and financial development,” adding, “Ajou would like to expand exchanges with Cambodia in many ways now that we have developed a special relationship through the KFB-Ajou Program graduates.”

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