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    Aiming for 1,500 inbound students, AGE UNAIR empowers faculties

    Through Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE), Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) encourages students to experience an international environment by inviting international students to participate in programs of UNAIR. AGE offers five programs: AMERTA (Academic Mobility Exchange for Undergraduate and Master at Airlangga ), LINGUA ( Learning Indonesian Language at Airlangga University ), IN-HERIT ( Indonesian Heritage Course ), SURA-BALI ( Summer in Surabaya and Bali ), and the Tailor Made Program.

    AMERTA is a student exchange program for international students to study for one to two semesters at UNAIR. AMERTA has two implementation periods, Fall: August – December, and Spring: January – June.

    IN-HERIT and SURA-BALI are short courses of seven to ten days. IN-HERIT, in collaboration with Sebelas Maret University, is held for international students to explore Indonesian heritage. SURA-BALI, in collaboration with Petra Christian University and Udayana University, invites international students to study sociopreneurship in Surabaya and Bali.

    Intensification of international activities 

    Director of Airlangga Global Engagement Iman Harymawan Ph D explained that AGE is focusing on intensifying international activities of faculties at UNAIR. It is different from the previous year when AGE ran the program with the support of the existing faculties. Iman said that AGE is now empowering faculties.

    Iman said that there are faculties with advanced international activities, such as Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Economics and Business, and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

    “There are programs that are already running too. But maybe we can push it further,” he said.

    Iman said in January 2023, Universitas Airlangga had accepted international students from Federation University Australia and Griffith University. The event took place at Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, and Faculty of Public Health. With Airlangga Global Engagement’s efforts, Iman has set a target to bring in 1,500 international students in 2023.

    Apart from the AMERTA program, registration for international programs is no longer through AGE but instead following the program. Iman explained that AGE now does not run a program.

    “SURA-BALI is a collaboration with either FISIP or FKM. Then there is IN-HERIT program with Faculty of Vocational Studies. So we only supported the program, ” he said.