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    The University of New South Wales Australia (UNSW) is a world-class institution ranked 49th in the world, globally recognised for its innovative teaching and world-leading research. It is also the leading choice among Australia’s finest employers.

    UNSW offers more than 900 academic degrees across nine faculties and has enticed over 52,000 high-performing students, including 14,000 international students from beyond 120 countries due to its ability to mould future leaders.

    Based on QS World University Rankings 2016/17, UNSW is ranked 27th globally for employer reputation, as the university has educated more CEOs from 50 top companies in Australia and produced more millionaire alumni than any other Australian universities. The alumni community is made up of 250,000 outstanding graduates who are currently employed by some of the foremost multinational organisations including Google, Penguin, Ernst&Young, PayPal, Rio Tinto, HSBC, NASA and Oxfam.

    As a recognised global leader in photovoltaics, HIV/AIDS research and quantum computing, and a major player in the research of sciences and social sciences, the university’s focus is primarily on converting research findings into success innovations that are beneficial to society, economy and the future generation.

    The university also offer a series of pioneering spaces on its campus; the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, a new facility for student innovation and entrepreneurship; the UNSW Art & Design campus exhibits world-class media production and design; the Tyree Energy Technologies Buildings is one of Australia’s exceptional six-star green-marked architecture.

    Source: The Sun Daily