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    Learning with innovations is always initiated by Chemistry Department, Manav Rachna University and have taken a step ahead to this path. We have formulated a CHEMISTRY INNOVATION CLUB which is aimed to provide multidimensional skills to the high school and higher secondary students primarily at Delhi-NCR region of India. Students would be encouraged to perform chemistry experiments in a fun filled environment with an ease to increase their understanding and interest in the chemistry subject which can lead towards innovations and creativity.

    As a part of it, we conducted workshop on the topic “INNOVATIONS IN CHEMISTRY LABORATORY TEACHINGS” in collaboration with ZAKIR HUSSAIN DELHI COLLEGE, DELHI UNIVERSITY to train the M.Sc. CHEMISTRY students of Manav  Rachna University. This club is driven by student and aimed to impart the hands on skills in chemistry lab experiments. In India, experiments at chemistry lab are seen as a safety hazard and not much students are interested to perform the laboratory experiments. Most of the faculty instructors also don’t promote students to perform experiments at their own and they are always lacks practical skills when reach to higher education at University level. There is a need to impart the practical skills to the students at the school level so that they can co-relate their theories with fun experiments along with logical reasoning behind them. Few simple experiments which students demonstrate during workshops are (a) Enlightening the dark room: Based on the phenomenon of chemiluminescence, this experiment explains the electronic properties of the compounds (b) Elephant’s toothpaste: a huge foamy mass explains the effect of trapped gases on liquid soap solution (c) Golden Rain: this demonstrations is a stunning suspension of glistening of yellow crystals (d) Non-Burning Towel:  it provides knowledge about thermodynamics, solvent and absorption (e) Chemical Flag: this enhances their knowledge on basic organic chemistry.

    These experiments are just a glimpse of workshop there are many more to impart fundamental understanding about various chemistry topics. It will help students to understand the basic concepts behind thermodynamics, electronic properties, crystallization, colour changes involved in the reaction and many other phenomenon and reasons behind different reactions.

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