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    What students of the future will expect from their University education?

    Universities today will have to explore differing perspectives about the needs of their students and adjust to the shifting expectations of lifelong education.

    Ross Renton, Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Worcester, shared how tertiary education is evolving and what students of the future will expect from their course providers and subject lecturers.

    Renton kickstarted by shedding light on universities’ progression. Universities have progressed immensely over the past 20 years; but concurrently they have been under scrutiny for their quality of teaching, quantity of knowledge passed onto students, student enrollment pre-requisites and university fees.

    Today, universities have moved from being funded by government directly towards the students. Hence, now students will have to pay a relatively higher amount of university fee; and this has led to the question of consumerism. Is then universities and students a consumer relationship? If this is true, then value for money will be critical for them. This has influenced how universities view the prospective of higher education in the future of universities. What then do students look for in future studies?

    Watch the video below to find out.

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