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    Webinar on stress, anxiety, depression for Malaysian primary school students

    On 17th June 2022 (Friday), the Centre for Applied Management (PPPG), Faculty of Business and Management, UiTM Pahang Branch, Jengka Campus organised an online knowledge transfer webinar on Stress, Anxiety and Depression Among Students: Issues and Challenges through Cisco Webex and Facebook Live platforms targeted to primary school students from an identified rural area in Malaysia.

    This program was participated by the Felda community of the Jengka region, which consisted of teachers, parents and pupils of two primary schools: SK Felda Jengka 11 and SK Felda Jengka 15. In Malaysia, the community of Felda, or Federal Land Development Authority, is a community of once-impoverished rural settlers who, under the Felda initiative, cultivate either rubber or oil palm and were paid wages until their crops matured. Due to the rural location of the community within Malaysia, the need to overcome issues of stress, anxiety and depression brought on by online and distance learning due to the pandemic among primary school students was identified, which led to the inception of this program.

    The webinar featured two panelists who were experts in their respective fields: Hazlin Hasan, the Head Researcher and Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Business and Management, UiTM Pahang Branch, and Anita Kassim, a senior psychology officer from the UiTM Pahang Branch. The program managed to attract a total of 132 participants who were teachers, parents, and pupils of year 5 and year 6 (aged between 11 to 12 years old) from the two schools.

    One of the objectives of the program was to support the university’s aspiration to foster knowledge sharing practices among the community and NGOs through knowledge transfer by utilising the resources, expertise, and knowledge of the faculty. The program also aimed to share the findings of a grant-based research led by Hazlin Hasan to participants on current issues and challenges faced by students related to stress, anxiety, and depression. Knowledge was also shared from a psychological perspective on the appropriate actions that can be taken by stakeholders to address this issue at an early stage before it becomes severe.

    The Centre for Applied Management (PPPG) is very grateful to all parties who have made this program a success, especially the headmasters, teachers, and PTA of SK Felda Jengka 11 and SK Felda Jengka 15. It is hoped that this cooperation can be nurtured and strengthened further in the future for mutual benefits and in turn give positive impacts to the local community.

    This webinar program has successfully accomplished two Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) namely SDG3 (Good Health and Well Being) and SDG4 (Quality Education), particularly in response to the need for inclusive, fair and equal access to education amidst challenges brought by the pandemic which has necessitated online learning even among the rural communities.

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