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    Wajid Hussain, Faculty of Engineering gets Top Award for Scientific Posters at the International Conference on Education Evaluation 2018 in Riyadh

    Wajid Hussain – Director, QA office at the Faculty of Engineering, Islamic University won the first place among 60 scientific posters presented by several public and private institutions at the International Conference on Education and Evaluation ICEE 2018 organized by the Saudi Commission for Education Evaluation, Dec 4-6 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh.

    The conference on education evaluation had the theme ‘Future Skills: Development and Assessment’ and was inaugurated by the Ministers of Education, Communication & IT and Civil Services. Several international academicians from the US, UK, Australia, Philippines, UAE, Oman etc. made key presentations at the international conference in Riyadh. About 12500 registered for the conference but only under 5000 participants were granted acceptance to attend. More than 1300 participants attended the many workshops that offered state of the art information on future skills, their assessment and evaluation.

    The international event was extensively covered by local news agencies.


    Wajid presented a scientific poster titled “Management and Assessment of Capstone Design Made Easy with Learning Outcomes”. This cutting edge research is the first of its kind work to comprehensively use several hundred outcomes, performance indicators and hybrid rubrics to properly implement a structured format for the several stages of complex Capstone design activity in the culminating stages of engineering education. The specific and generic performance indicators were classified according to all the three domains of Bloom’s Taxonomic model and their learning levels. William Spady’s famous authentic OBE principles ‘Clarity of Focus, High Expectations, Expanded Opportunity and Design Down’ formed the essential elements for designing curriculum delivery for the culminating Capstone activity.

    The learning outcomes provided a clear format for instruction, assessment and evaluation which greatly enhanced student understanding and implementation of the Capstone design efforts. All the phases of Capstone activity were covered in detail such as project proposal, abstract, goals, scope and objectives, problem definition, design concept development, design concept selection, interim report development, mathematical model, simulation model, evaluation of manufacturability, prototyping, detailed analysis of functional, safety/health, economic, environmental, sustainability, societal, cultural constraints.

    This research provided practical means to both instructors and students for enhancing 21st century future skills such as complex problem solving, design, prototyping, entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork, communication etc.

    A very elaborate presentation was made by Wajid Hussain to judges from the conference scientific committee on the afternoon of Dec 5th, 2018 who made the final decision.

    The same topic “W1109·Management and Assessment of Capstone Design Made Easy Using Specific and Generic Performance Indicators” was also presented as a workshop by Wajid at the American Society of Engineers for Education (ASEE) 125th International Conference at the Convention Center – Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah June 27, 2018.