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    Virtual reality laboratory opens with support of Porsche at Satbayev University

    On September 22, Satbayev University hosted the grand opening of a VR laboratory that allows students to visually study high technologies owing to virtual reality systems. The project was implemented within the framework of cooperation between Satbayev University and the official importer of Porsche in Kazakhstan. German manufacturer representatives noted that the support of education and culture is a long tradition of Porsche.

    Equipped with the support of auto brand specialists, the virtual reality laboratory was named Porsche Learning Centre. Students of the “Transport Engineering” degree program are already studying the practical aspects of modern mechanical engineering technologies here. Now, wearing virtual reality glasses, students can use the example of Porsche cars to study the entire process of creating the car – from design and testing to the assembly of serial samples. Training takes place directly in the classroom due to the same VR laboratory: wearing virtual reality glasses, university students can hone their skills in car maintenance and repair. Virtual reality technologies allow each student to fully immerse themselves in the learning process, and in the most realistic conditions, directly interacting with 3D objects: for instance, to look inside the assembled engine or gearbox, to examine all the details up close from all sides, to understand the device and principles of operation of all the main components of the car.

    At the opening ceremony of the laboratory, the University’s Rector, Meiram Begentayev, noted that within the framework of cooperation with the automaker, the University receives valuable opportunities both for effective technical practice and for real “immersion” of students in the high technologies world.

    — Last year, together with Satbayev University’s teachers, we developed and introduced into the educational process a digital laboratory for the repair and maintenance of electric vehicles and cars with internal combustion engines. In turn, the official importer of Porsche in Kazakhstan supported the idea and provided the University with a platform and its specialists for shooting the training videos used in the VR laboratory. To date, more than 110 students have already been trained in these modern technologies at Satbayev University. In addition, using virtual reality technologies, we held an Olympiad among college and university students. About 80 students are scheduled to study using the digital VR laboratory for the current academic year, — Meiram Begentayev said.

    University talked about the advantages of mastering technical knowledge using virtual reality. According to the teachers, within the framework of cooperation with Porsche, the University got the opportunity to hold regular joint seminars and scientific and practical conferences with the German enterprise. Such a format significantly increases the value of students’ research work and also forms a stable interest among young people in the application of theoretical knowledge in practice.

    In turn, the company director – the official importer of Porsche in Kazakhstan Gauhar Gabdrakhimova noted that the importer will continue to provide all the opportunities for filming the training videos in the car center’s workshops. According to her, new 3D videos are needed to ensure that the base of training material in the University’s VR laboratory is always relevant and that students’ knowledge corresponds to the most advanced trends in the global automotive industry. Thanks to the constant updating of information, Kazakhstani students can now study not on archival materials, but on the latest and modern technological achievements of the global automotive industry, being aware of the most relevant innovative solutions.

    – The company is pleased to contribute to improving the training of Kazakhstani students in technical specialties. This is a long-standing principle of Porsche – to support innovation, to develop the desire for modern knowledge in society, and to stimulate scientific and research activities. Porsche Kazakhstan always supports talented young people and encourages the introduction of innovative technologies in education. The company does this to improve the quality and practical value of the knowledge received by young people. Internship at the enterprise is also very important, and assist in the further employment of specialists who show the best results. We are happy to help such a prestigious Kazakh University with a remarkable history and deep academic traditions as Satbayev University to improve the training base of specialists. We are focused on long-term cooperation for the sake of the technological development of Kazakhstan, — said Gauhar Gabdrakhimova, director of the official importer of Porsche in Kazakhstan.

    It is noteworthy that as a sign of long-term cooperation, the Company placed a life-size model of the Porsche Taycan electric sports car on the main facade of the university. According to Gauhar Gabdrakhimova, this has become one of the symbols of the University’s cooperation with the famous world automobile brand, as well as an additional inspiration for university students. “Life is a road, and the road should lead us to our innermost dreams. No wonder Porsche’s slogan sounds like “Driven by Dreams”. There is a deeply symbolic and philosophical connection here: for many young people, the university is actually the beginning of their life path, which symbolizes the road to the future. Every journey begins with a dream, and everything must be done to make it come true,” said the head of Porsche in Kazakhstan.