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    Villages affected by the tsunami are recovering

    The University of Lampung (Unila) Research and Community Service Center (LPPM) provided the community with assistance in the recovery of natural resources (SDA) and the environment in Kunjir, Rajabasa district, South Lampung Regency, in collaboration with the national disaster management agency (BNPB), Thursday, October 14, 2021.

    Kunjir was severely impacted by the Sunda Strait tsunami in 2018. The tourism industry along the Kunjir coastal areas was completely paralysed for the tourist destination was severely damaged by the tsunami, and the tourism industry was also severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The team of Unila lecturers conducted community service activities through village re-development programmes and environmental restoration in Kunjir to revitalise the village’s social lives, economic situation, tourism, and other fields.
    The series of activities benefited members of the community as they gain more knowledge and skills which in turns affect the affluence of the tourism industry in the local village.

    Dr. Amril Ma’ruf Siregar, the chief executive of the center for disaster, environment, and natural resources of LLPM Unila, said that the type two self-management activities constitute an assistance programme for communities in tsunami-affected areas.

    Unila, as one of BNPB’s partners, is involved in the pentahelix concept, which brings together universities and stakeholders in the Sunda Strait, including in South Lampung Regency, to help with post-tsunami recovery.

    The activity will have been taking for six moths from May to November 2021. One of the main activities took the forms of planting some 200 tsunami-resistant tree seedlings across five planting points along the coastline in Kunjir, Rajabasa district, South Lampung regency, Restoration of coral reef ecosystems was another community service put in place at three locations, in which 150 concrete blocks with a total of 750 coral reef seedlings were placed.

    The activity involved the youth tourism awareness community group under the auspices of the local government of Kunjir, Rajabasa district, South Lampung Regency.

    LPPM made community service possible in collaboration with the regional disaster management agency (BPBD) of Lampung Province, BPBD of South Lampung Regency, and the tourism office of South Lampung Regency, as well as the regional development planning agency (Bappeda) of South Lampung, the Rajabasa sub-district head, and the head of Kunjir village, The activity is expected to spur environmental and natural resource restorations in other parts of South Lampung Regency, Lampung Province.

    Amri said that stakeholders, both public and private, were expected to contribute to the restoration of natural resources and the environment, particularly along the coastal areas. Dra. Andi Efiana, the director of socio-cconomic and natural resources recovery and improvement, accompanied by vice rector for planning, cooperation, and ICT, Prof. Suharso, and the head of LPPM Unila, Dr. Lusmeilia Afriani, provided symbolic assistance in addition to tree planting.

    The event was also attended by Tono Sumarsono, the head of the sub-directorate for natural resource recovery and productivity improvement, a group of the BNPB SDA directorate PPSE team, the BPBD executive of South Lampung, Lampung Province BPBD representatives, Drs. Mitra Utama, the head of the environment agency of South Lampung, representatives of the regional development planning agency (Bappeda) of South Lampung, representatives of the marine service of South Lampung, the head of the Kunjir village, custom elders, community elders, and the tourism activists of bina remaja tourism awareness organisation of Kunjir village. [PR Team]

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