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    UPI Research Team Explores Cognitive Processes of Critical Thinking Skills through Neurolinguistics

    A research team from the University of Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) is currently delving into the cognitive processes behind critical thinking skills through a neuroscience lens. The team, led by Dadang Sudana, M.A., Ph.D., includes senior members Wawan Gunawan, M.A., Ph.D., and Dr. Jatmika Nurhadi, M.Hum. Additionally, four students—Hazim Mujahid, Aulia Shabrina, Nur Cipta Mustikasari, and Syifa Nuraini—have actively contributed to the research.

    One of their notable publications, titled “Superior Frontal Gyrus and Higher Order Thinking Skills: A sLORETA Study of Brain Activity during Speaking,” reveals how the Superior Frontal Gyrus (SFG) plays an integral role in supporting Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) when an individual speaks.

    Utilizing the standardized Low-Resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography (sLORETA) technique, the researchers gauged participants’ neural activity, pinpointing the highest peak values achieved during tasks involving HOTS operational verbs. Results indicated that activity within the SFG peaked when participants articulated tasks such as Comparing, Detailing, and Clarifying.

    “With advancements in technology, like brain scanning, researchers can now observe processes occurring in the mind, paving the way for understanding how to optimize critical thinking skills based on brain functions,” shared Dadang Sudana.

    This research not only sheds light on the realm of education and training but also aspires to formulate a model to cultivate critical thinking skills. As a next step, the research team plans on developing an Android/iOS application aimed at honing these critical thinking skills.