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    Universitas Airlangga signs MoU with Princess Naradhiwas University Thailand

    Universitas Airlangga has engaged in numerous collaborations to boost the internationalization of academic activities within the campus environment. In its latest endeavor, UNAIR signed an MoU to collaborate with Princess Naradhiwas University, Thailand on Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024, in the Plenary Meeting Room, Balairua Management Office, MERR C Campus, Universitas Airlangga.

    The Rector of Universitas Airlangga, Prof Dr. Mohammad Nasih SE MT Ak, and the vice-rectors and deans attended the proceeding. Asst Prof Dr. Preecha Salaemae, President of Princess Naradhiwas University, along with representatives and students engaged in student exchange programs at UNAIR, were also present.

    Global education endeavor

    In his address, Prof Nasih conveyed UNAIR’s aspiration to foster international cooperation. The international collaborations will offer new opportunities and insights for the universities and academic communities involved.

    “International cooperation of this nature is a testament to our (UNAIR) commitment to realizing global education. Besides collaborating in academic fields such as student exchanges or research publications, we also aim to create programs such as community development,” stated Prof Nasih.

    Furthermore, Prof Nasih expressed gratitude to Princess Naradhiwas University for their willingness to collaborate with the Universitas Airlangga. “As we embark on this collaboration, we are hopeful that it will yield significant benefits for both institutions. We aspire to see the agreements outlined in the MoU effectively realized,” Prof Nasih stated.

    Future prospects

    Asst Prof Dr. Preecha Salaemae, President of Princess Naradhiwas University, also extended his gratitude to UNAIR. “We feel honored to have been invited to Surabaya. It marks a promising beginning for academic collaboration, and we hope to effectively implement the agreements outlined in this MoU,” Prof Preecha replied.

    A representative from Airlangga Global Engagement, Dina Septiani PhD, then outlined the collaborative opportunities that could be realized by UNAIR and Princess Naradhiwas University. These opportunities include student and faculty exchanges, research collaboration, and joint publications.

    “In 2022, UNAIR also visited Princess Naradhiwas University and engaged in student exchanges several times, one of which involved the Faculty of Nursing. Therefore, I believe this collaboration will proceed smoothly in the future,” concluded Dina.