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    UNAIR to host the 13th International Convention of Asia Scholars

    In collaboration with the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) through the Airlangga Institute of Indian Ocean Crossroads (AIIOC) is hosting the 13th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS).

    Scheduled from July 28, 2024, to August 1, 2024. UNAIR is making various preparations for this event. Lina Puryanti PhD, Director of AIIOC, mentioned that it will be the first time Indonesia hosts this international event. “ICAS is a major event, and Indonesia has no prior experience in hosting this international activity. This is a breakthrough,” she said.

    Puryanti also explained that preparations have currently reached 60 percent. Representatives from 66 countries are expected to attend the event, with the potential for even greater participation as the event draws near. “So far, there will be 1400 participants attending but the number can still increase. We are still opening up opportunities for more participants to join,” she explained on Friday, May 24, 2024.

    Conference festival concept

    Unlike typical conference events, the 13th ICAS will feature a conference festival concept. The event will extend beyond campus. Participants will have the opportunity to visit historical sites in Surabaya, including the urban communities of Plampitan, Tambak Bayan, and Peneleh.

    “This event is not merely a meeting among academics, but also academics and practitioners, even academics can become artists who display their work,” Puryanti stated.

    Participants will focus on ten different topics. Puryanti hopes that the participants can learn from each other and share experiences. She also hopes that the knowledge gained by the participants will serve as a foundation for understanding the world. “So, what we have in Surabaya can become a basis for understanding the world,” she said.

    Involving community participation

    The event will not only involve academics and students but also the local communities. During the festival, there will be several exhibitions held in public areas close to the communities.

    “We are organizing the festival to take place in public areas. The local communities will not be spectators but also organizers and parts of this event. UNAIR and the communities will welcome guests from around the world,” she explained.

    Puryanti stated that this opportunity is beneficial for both UNAIR and Indonesia. “This is a great opportunity for UNAIR to strengthen its position on the global stage. Indonesia’s vast potential will also be highlighted at this event,” she said.

    Puryanti and her team are optimistic that with the support of various parties, the 13th ICAS will run smoothly. “Being entrusted with an event of this magnitude is an honor. We are optimistic that the event will be a success. Hopefully, this event will bring pride to UNAIR and the nation,” she concluded. Held this year, the 13th ICAS is also a gift for UNAIR’s 70th Anniversary.