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    UNAIR students ranked top 3 in international event for livestock waste innovation

    Universitas Airlangga ( UNAIR ) students have made another achievement. Aidatul Fitriyah, a student of English language and literature, and a veterinary student, Azhar Burhanuddin, won Top 3 in “The Social Entrepreneurship International Challenge, ” a collaborative event from Prokompas, Research Synergy Foundation, and Macquarie University Australia.

    In an interview with UNAIR NEWS on Friday, January 6, 2023, Aidatul Fitriyah or Afriya said that the competition she participated in consisted of several stages. The first stage is the collection of innovation papers, followed by the ten finalists’ announcements and online presentations, until the final stage and the announcement.

    Furthermore, Afriya revealed that in the competition, he initiated an innovation called FAMOS. The idea of ​​FAMOS departs from its concern for global warming, which is increasingly becoming a significant problem in the world.

    FAMOS is the commercialization of methane gas from recycled livestock waste to become an alternative fuel with low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Cow dung was chosen as the material because it is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases, so the use of livestock waste is expected to overcome global warming and achieve the seventh point in the SDGs (sustainable development goals).

    According to Afriya, making the Top 3 was not an easy thing. She experienced challenges because the writing time was quite short. On the other hand, she also has to prepare a video presentation and a poster.

    “It took quite a while to work on it, while we were also required to make a video presentation and an essay explaining poster,” said Afriya.

    However, she admitted that she was quite satisfied with the results. Representing the team, she hopes their innovation can be realized with the collaboration of various parties, including the government and investors. Thus, the idea that is carried out can benefit the public.

    “Hopefully, the innovations carried out can benefit various groups of people and obtain support from both the government and investors so they can be realized,” she said.