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    UiTM Perak Branch organizes Low Carbon Campus Convention 2021

    In line with the direction of universities to actively move to achieve sustainability missions, Universiti Teknologi MARA Perak Branch organized a virtual convention known as Low Carbon Campus Convention (LCCC) 2021 for five days from 15th to 19th March 2021. The program was organized by the Green Campus Committee led by Sr. Dr Nur Azfahani Ahmad. It was programmed to visible UiTM Perak Branch has mobilized various green practices and initiatives for the campus residents.

    The program successfully gathered about 1,386 participants from various local and international universities and industries from the public and private sectors. The convention included multi-series programs such as a terrarium workshop, green-safe cities seminar, and green talk series comprising 12 speakers from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Germany.

    The green talk series discussed ideas, knowledge, and the country’s experience related to green practices, green procurement, green building design, agricultural efforts, and recycling practices (3R). One of the talk series highlights was a session by the famous Malaysian fashion designer Mr. Hatta Dolmat who shared his aspirations in addressing sustainable fashion using recycled products.

    Another attention-grabbing session was from Ar. Shyuan Kuee, an award-winning architect from the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM), shared her experience handling international and local projects on green building design. The convention was also attended by researchers and postgraduate students from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

    Up to this date, the UiTM Perak’s Green Campus committee has launched various green programs, including solar panels and rainwater harvest installation to schools and mosques, energy efficiency projects, recycle campaign, green talk series, and community seminars on green education.

    The LCCC program has benefited the academics and staff of various universities and hopefully inspire more green project initiatives to lower carbon emissions within universities. It has also successfully formed a research nexus and collaborations between academia, industries, and communities to enhance green technology and green practices.