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    UiTM dentistry undergraduates head to Xi’an for summer camp

    UiTM aims to have an international reputation as a top institution by 2025. The anchors of this approach are the Three (3) Strategic Thrusts of Quality Education, Global Excellence, and Value-Driven Performance. Each strategy thrust is connected to acknowledged Strategic Themes to ensure the intended goal is accomplished.

    The Faculty of Dentistry has established relationships with higher institutional partners to broaden student knowledge and provide them with the leading-edge technical tools for employability, keeping with UiTM’s objective to educate professionals of the highest calibre.

    Institutional exchanges between faculty and staff from each partner institution; acceptance of undergraduate and graduate students from each partner institution for periods of study and research; organisation of scientific meetings, conferences, short courses, and meetings on research issues; exchange of information regarding developments in teaching, student development, and research institutions; visiting academician project to teach. To date, a “Summer Programme” run throughout the semester has served as the means of putting the prior efforts into practice. Amidst the pandemic, the MOU signing was held virtually in May 2022, with MyEdu Sdn. Bhd. as witness and consultancy agency. As part of the collaborative effort, delegates from the Faculty of Dentistry UiTM have participated in a Dental Summer Training Summer Camp, which Xi’an Medical University (XMU) organised. This Summer program was held on the 18-24th May, 2023, at Weiyang Campus in Xi’an, China. A total number of 6 dental students who have performed well both in academic and clinical training, accompanied by the Dean, Associate Professor Dr Aida Nur Ashikin Abd Rahman, Deputy Dean of Academic and International Affairs, Associate Professor Dr Siti Mariam Abd Ghani, Deputy Dean of Clinical, Dr Aimeeza Rajali, Liaison of International Affairs, Dr Fara Azwin Adam and Deputy Registrar, Martina Abdul Jalil.

    UiTM delegates were given the tremendous opportunity to participate not only in academic activities at the dental clinics but also to be able to participate in the academic discussion and collaboration between UITM dentistry and XMU. The Counsellor General of Malaysia in Xi’an witnessed the discussion. On top of that, delegates were brought for a day tour of a historical place known as the 8th Wonder of the World, the Terracotta Warriors, Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum, and the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. They were able to adventure new places, showcasing historical architecture. The delegates were also given the golden opportunity to visit the Dental Museum at the Air Force Medical University. There, representatives were in awe, witnessing and admiring the detailed records of dental history with the evidence available from inception to the current day on the evolution of dentistry worldwide. Besides that, the delegates were also brought to local eateries in the heart of Xi’an to experience the unique culinary experiences of local foods that are available to portray the unique delicacies of Xi’an, China. The delegates shared much excitement throughout the program.

    The greatest hope is that the Summer Program will strengthen the newly crafted relationship between XMU and UiTM and potentiate research collaborations, culture exchange, knowledge, and ideas between the participants. This program will also act as a platform to bring students from different nations globally and path a way for UiTM students to reciprocate the exchange programme to see other countries, as it gives them a chance to interact directly with other cultures while showcasing UiTM and Malaysia to their counterparts.