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    UiTM consolidates international connection with KJ Somaiya College of Arts, Commerce & Science via MoU

    UiTM, via its branch campus, UiTM Kedah Branch, seeks to consolidate its connection with the institutions in India, this time with K.J. Somaiya College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Maharashtra, India. This linkage is cemented with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between both institutions on 14 July 2022. The signing was conducted via Gmeet at 2.30 pm. The signees are Professor Dr. Mohamad Abdullah Hemdi, the Rector of UiTM Kedah Branch (now retired), witnessed by Dr. Kamarudin Othman on behalf of UiTM; and Principal Dr. Birendra Singh Yadav, witnessed by Dr. Ravindra Ashok Jadhav on behalf of K.J. Somaiya College of Arts, Commerce & Science.

    This MoU signing ceremony was made possible by the MoU project manager and coordinator for both institutions who are Puan Syazliyati Ibrahim from UiTM Kedah Branch and Dr. Ravindra Ashok Jadhav on behalf of K.J. Somaiya College of Arts, Commerce & Science respectively. The collaboration between both institutions started in September 2021 which the initial discussions regarding the online intercultural project named Window to the Bordeless World involving more than 300 students and 30 lecturers which started in November 2021 and ended in February 2022.

    Professor Dr. Mohamad Abdullah Hemdi said in his speech that this MoU will enable both institutions to work together more closely towards the common goal which are the pursuit of internationalisation of education in both countries. Such a connection will also allow both institutions to establish the reputation in the international arena. Proposed future activities include institutional exchanges between faculty and staff from each partner institution; acceptance of undergraduate and graduate students of each partner institution for periods of study or research; organising of workshops, conferences, short courses, innovative competitions and meetings on research issues; and exchange of information pertaining to developments in teaching, student development and research institutions as agreed by the parties from time to time. Principal Dr. Birendra Singh Yadav also expressed similar sentiments in his speech and he was truly grateful for the efforts taken to formalise the linkage between both institutions.

    This MoU signing marks the beginning of a solid collaboration between UiTM generally and UiTM Kedah Branch specifically with K.J. Somaiya College of Arts, Commerce & Science in numerous areas as stipulated in the document.