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    UCV: Educational excellence and commitment to innovation in Latin America

    With three decades of democratizing higher education, Universidad César Vallejo (UCV) drives success for those who want to rise and thrive.

    Universidad César Vallejo relentlessly pursues high standards of educational quality, offering a prestigious education to over 190,000 students. Thus, UCV is actively working on initiatives that promote its dedication to entrepreneurship, innovation and environmental preservation, as well as its commitment to selecting highly experienced teachers.

    UCV achievements

    According to the prestigious Times Higher Education magazine, UCV currently ranks in the top 8 universities in Peru recognizing its international excellence.

    Furthermore, UCV has recently received a four-star rating in teaching, employability, environmental impact, and academic development from the QS Stars evaluation, a leading international standard of institutional excellence.

    The “V Summit of Academics UCV 2024” was another important milestone, featuring distinguished representatives from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who lectured faculty and administrative staff.

    “At the heart of educational excellence and the forefront of innovation, Universidad César Vallejo stands as an example of progress and perseverance. With three decades democratizing higher education, UCV has managed to transform the lives of its students and their families. Its unwavering commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in each of its achievements. UCV is a clear example of how education can be the engine of change and the key to a bright and sustainable future”, said Dr. Jeannette Tantaleán, rector of UCV.

    What characterizes UCV?

    UCV has over 130 agreements in 17 countries, promoting student internationalization. On top of that, the curriculum was updated to meet market demands, including English courses in all cycles to provide students with a global perspective.

    From the fifth cycle onwards, students will be prepared to work before graduating, thanks to the intermediate certifications that contribute to boosting their professional profile, enabling them to work in any company or start their own business driven by the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes all Vallejianos.

    The Employability Center further supports the community by promoting job placement through workshops and partnerships with renowned companies in Peru.

    UCV is the only university in Peru with the Immediate Degree System, allowing students to submit their thesis projects in the last week of classes. It also offers double degree agreements, enabling students to complete their degrees abroad and earn two diplomas.

    In summary, Universidad César Vallejo not only provides exceptional education, but also opens doors to meaningful opportunities for the personal and professional development of Peruvians. For further information, visit www.ucv.edu.pe and learn more about this innovative university that trains enterprising professionals with a human touch.

    “From the beginning, our mission has been clear: to open the doors of knowledge and opportunity to everyone. Our commitment to educational quality, entrepreneurship, innovation and environmental sustainability remains unwavering. We are proud to be among the best universities in Peru, internationally recognized for our excellence. UCV is more than an institution, it is a vibrant and diverse community, a place where dreams come true and where the future is written every day”, said Dr. César Acuña, founder of UCV.