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    TPU Festival of Russian Language and Culture

    The XVII Ten-Day Festival of Russian Language and Culture has finished at Tomsk Polytechnic University. Russian and international students of Tomsk universities, TPU academic and administrative staff, school students and overseas participants from all over the world took part in the ten-day Festival. In total, there were over 800 participants.

    This year’s Festival was devoted to the university’s passing the selection for the Priority 2030 program. The participants were able to try their hand in one or several events, among which there was a recitation contest, poem contest, literary saloon, punctuation olympiad and workshops.
    All these events were held in a hybrid mode.

    “It was the first time when all six Tomsk universities, as well as Volgograd State University, Moscow State University of Technology STANKIN and the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute joined the traditional recitation contest. It proves that our event is progressing to the all-Russian level. Moreover, it was the first time when we held an online punctuation olympiad for students and staff of our university. Everyone liked the idea to check their Russian literacy that not only members of the TPU community but also Tomsk citizens joined us,” says Marina Bokhonnaya, associate professor of the TPU Division for Russian Language.

    According to the results of the contests, the organizers selected winners. Francisco Simon Fernando Dala, a TPU student. became the first among attendees of the TPU Pre-University Department in the My Priorities recitation contest. Cui Yuchuan, a student of academic exchange, became the best among international students in the same contest. Simatupang Priscila Lisa Monica, an attendee of the TPU Pre-University Department, won the first place among international students in the 20 30 online poem contest. While, Simatupang Priscila Lisa Monica, a TPU postgraduate, won the Priority 2021 – World Reads Dostoevsky reading prose contest.

    “The contest for staff of the TPU Division for Russian Language was held for the first time this year. It was arranged in the format of the famous ‘Open Your Mouth’ championships. The actor of Tomsk Drama Theatre Anton Antonov, the TV presenter Alesya Kurnosova and the museum guide Vadim Lobanov assessed the participants. It was quite interesting to watch colleagues in their new roles,” Marina Bokhonnaya adds.

    Marina Nebera, head of the TPU Pre-University Department, became a winner of the My Priorities contest among colleagues. Meanwhile, Elena Ryabchikova, director of the TPU Center for Education Quality Assurance, was the best in the Set Priorities online punctuation olympiad.

    The Festival of Russian Language and Culture is an annual event arranged by the TPU Division for Russian Language. The Festival aims at the identification and support of talented Russian and international students, school students, demonstration of their achievements in learning Russian, literacy improvement and motivation to learn Russian, as well as promotion of the Russian language and Russian culture.

    Annually the organizers do their best to make the event program diverse. Russian and international students studying at TPU and other Tomsk universities, school students, as well as TPU staff and all interested people are encouraged to take part in the following events.

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