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    Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in Hospitality and Tourism

    Hospitality and tourism has been completely transfigured because of the extensive digital transformation. Due to mobility, travelers now play a greater role through the personalisation of their travel experience. They want to find a hotel that suits their preference and AirBnB has further channeled a completely new era of travel.  Undeniably, for the hospitality sector, digital advancement is an integration of greater customer demands with technology being the solution.

    With mobile integration, customers now can do almost everything via their phone, from checking in, ordering room service to unlocking the room door itself. As a matter of fact, one can plan an entire trip without any human interaction. In addition, with the presence of AI-powered apps and technology, hotels now can provide more information accessible to guests through their phones resembling that of an e-concierge. They can also access voice-activated chat bots to open curtains, set alarm or order breakfast.

    Further, with increased connectivity of devices to the Internet of Things (IoT), the hospitality and tourism industry will begin harnessing relevant data to enhance customer experience. If the IoT data reveals information about customers visiting their resort annually for the last three years, it can automatically send a message proactively asking guests if they would like to make another booking this year. This helps to save a step for the customer while guaranteeing a booked room simultaneously without much effort. All these demonstrated that the various possibilities for up-sells and enhanced CX.

    Source: Forbes

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