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    The role of inter-university cooperation in the knowledge society

    Inter-university partnership is a mean of economic growth and competitiveness in all knowledge societies. Our objective was to examine the reach, significance and applied forms of inter-university partnership from the point of view of a small post-communist economy, the Czech Republic. This study is established in accordance to the data acquired through a questionnaire survey among managers of higher education institutions (HEIs). The study reveals that, with certain reservations, all HEIs/faculties establish inter-university cooperation with organisations from both the Czech Republic and beyond. Over half of the managers of HEIs/faculties view this collaboration to be, at least, very critical. With all forms of cooperation, there is a greater proportion of their use by public and state HEIs as opposed to private HEIs. This collaboration plays a significant part from the viewpoint of HEIs/faculties of technical, scientific and medical specialisation.

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