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    The Future of Education

    The nature of work is going to change as automation and artificial intelligence turn many manual, repetitive jobs obsolete. For future generations to remain relevant and to develop a sustainable economy, they will have to be taught “soft skills” such as independent thinking, values and teamwork. They will also have to be trained in the relevant research skills, ability to source for information and turn them into reality.

    Revising our education system will be crucial to mending the gaps in our societies and avoiding a shift towards populism. People often put science and humanities in different depository even though humanities are the highest expression of curiosity and creativity of humanity. Therefore, it is important to not neglect the importance of arts as we focus on the rising importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics) skills.

    Creating a shared future through education and empowerment

    Education is a precondition for empowerment, but it is insufficient. What sets elite institutes apart from their counterparts are the effect that they have on their graduates. Most of their graduates feel that they have the education and are empowered to try and succeed.

    In addition, it is crucial to empower women. This is because when women are empowered the conversation change and the type of success that it fosters alters as well. Society itself improves with greater diversity and representation in positions of various organisations. As such, it is essential to bring in a diverse range of voices and ensure that women have full opportunities to contribute.

    Source: World Economic Forum

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