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    Thammasat Engineering student’s invention tackles PM 2.5 problem

    Talking with “Top’’ Phromsurin Putthammawong, Engineering student, Thammasat university, Inventor of the air indicator, “TSE AirQ”

    Recently, there is an air pollution crisis, the increasing of PM 2.5, which is hazardous for Thai people’s health. Especially in Bangkok and vicinity, the unhealthy level of air pollution keeps higher and most people check real-time PM 2.5 level through application, website or online news.

    However, information from news does not cover air pollution level in all area that we live in. That’s where I am inspired to invent “TSE AirQ” (TSE Air Quality Indicator) for Thammasat university. TSE AirQ is invented and developed by “Top’’ Phromsurin Putthammawong, a third-year Engineering student (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Thammasat university. Top was assisted and advised by an Engineering professor, Watchara Amasiri. You can check air pollution index in Thammasat University in this website http://airq.colonel-tech.com.

    The starting point of “TSE AirQ” idea

    I came up with “TSE AirQ” idea when I found out that PM 2.5 keep increasing inconsistently and air quality sensor network is far from where I live in. Also, the online application used in Klong Luang area is a satellite data which is not as accurate as a real air quality indicator. As a result, I consulted with the professor and told him that I want to invent air quality indicator for TU community to get accurate information on air pollution and raise awareness of protecting ourselves from air pollution by wearing face mask. Therefore, I ordered 4 sensor models and further developed them.

    Development process of “TSE AirQ” idea to concrete form

    I built on 4 sensor models to have a distinctive manner in detecting pollution. I also designed a real-time processing website that delivers information in less than 2 minutes. The output information is included 3 dangerous pollution like PM 10, PM 2.5 and PM 0.1. Also, I designed security system preventing any error information.

    How “TSE AirQ” works?

    After you install the developed sensor, set up TSE AirQ to process information to data storage and output information to website. Currently, there are 4 sensors installed in Thammasat School of Engineering, Thammasat University Hospital, Dome Administrative Building, and General indoor in Thammasat Secondary School. The output information in website is shown as colors symbolized to each level of health concern. I use the Air Quality Index : AQI from the US and this table shows how to read air quality index.

    Reference: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2014-05/documents/zell-Aqi.pdf

    Next step of “TSE AirQ”

    I plan to make plot graph by using the information gathered from air quality indicator each day in order to find out the level of pollution throughout the day. This information is useful for increasing defensive measure and solving pollution problem in the future. I also want to install “TSE AirQ” in other campuses including in Tha Phra Chan, in Pattaya and in Lampang. I hope that my invention would be useful to further research and improve students, professors and staff health.

    “Top” is a role-model student from Thammasat university who initiates the invention and aware of the ongoing threat. It conforms to characteristic of a qualified scholar in 21st century according to concept of “GREATS” and  TU’s determination which is “Thammasat for the People”.