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    Multi-sensor chip for real-time monitoring of air quality

    Today, special attention is paid to air pollution control. Analysis of the concentration of gases and various impurities indoors and outdoors is necessary to monitor...

    Microcomputer that will help save hearing

    Today, ear diseases are powerful factors affecting the quality of life of modern man. These illnesses are often neglected, even though lack of timely...

    Cameras on Mars: Development of new imaging systems at ETU “LETI”

    Sergei Korolev, a lead Soviet spacecraft engineer, said that a rocket launched into space without radio and television equipment is like a stone launched...

    A New Way to Improve Aviation Safety by ETU “LETI” Developers

    A team of researchers from the Department of Electronic Instruments and Devices of ETU "LETI" has developed a device for controlling the quality of...