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    The silent storm: The climate crisis’ impact on student mental health

    'Climate anxiety’ has gained increasing traction in the media, but the relationship between climate change and mental health is a relatively new study, especially...

    EdUHK Scholar co-authors article published in Nature Climate Change

    A team of leading climate social scientists, including a chair professor at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), argues that influential studies that...

    EdUHK Scholar’s recently published study covers humans’ historical adaptation to climate change

    A research team including a scholar from The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) has given a new perspective into human adaptation to climate...

    HKBU Scholar Receives Prestigious Award from European Geosciences Union for Achievements in Atmospheric Sciences

    Dr Gao Meng, an Assistant Professor from Hong Kong Baptist University's Department of Geography, has won the Atmospheric Sciences Division Outstanding Early Career Scientists...

    Mosquitos at risk: expert speaking on effects of climate change

    It is possible to see insects that should yet be dormant this February This winter is very warm in Kaliningrad, with the temperature reaching +8...