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    SUSU teaches professionals in biology with physics methods

    In 2022, SUSU Optoinformatics Department launched a new English-taught Master’s program – Applied Physics and Mathematics (major – Bio-Photonics and Physics Methods for Living Beings).

    “The idea to start the program is connected with the fact that in medicine specialists often use physics methods. But often there is no understanding between those who create methods and those who use them. That’s why we need a bridge between specialists connected with living systems and physicists,” shares Nataliya Kundikova, Head of Optoinformatics Department, D.Sc., Professor.

    First of all, the program is intended for physicists and biology and medicine specialists who will learn to understand each other after graduating the program.

    The program combines knowledge in physics, mathematics, biology, biophysics and medical sciences to provide fundamental and profound understanding and scientific grip on phenomena of nature and life sciences. As medics and biologists use physics methods of research and physics developing methods for research in medicine and biology, they need to understand the principles.

    The math and physics courses of the program include studies of various optical techniques, laser technologies, X-ray and ultrasonic methods, nuclear magnetic resonance, and an overview of the fundamental laws of physics as well; knowledge of which is needed for the vast majority of the modern medical treatments, therapies and diagnostic methods.

    The biomedical disciplines are designed to create deep understanding of biology of a human being, its structure, and development. These include courses on various fields of biology that are necessary to form the systematic knowledge of the processes in living organisms. Special attention is devoted to cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry, and is focused on how physics methods and techniques can affect bio-molecules, cells, biological structures and biological processes.

    The teaching staff consists of highly accomplished scientists with real working experience at other universities in Europe and the United States. More than that all of them have published their articles in high-ranking journals.

    The graduates will be professionals in the field of Life Science and will acquire the Master of Science degree. Having fundamental knowledge and keen understanding of the biomedical and biological processes in human bodies, they will become capable researchers and scientists, or developers of new medical methods and biomedical technologies; or will be able to work productively as operators of complicated modern medical equipment and complexes.

    Extensive international contacts greatly contribute to the work of the Department; they can be explained by the fact that the head of the program Nataliya Kundikova is the Vice-President of the International Commission for Optics.

    The Faculty of Physics has a Physical Research Laboratory, the equipment of which is used in the process of education. Students also can have access to the equipment of the Nonlinear Optics Laboratory at the Institute of Electrophysics (the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) which is headed by Nataliya Kundikova. Furthermore, as the program is interdisciplinary, part of the lectures will be read by Vadim Tseylikman (Dean of School of Medical Biology, Doctor of Medicine, Professor) and it is possible to access the equipment of his team.