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    Skillfolio courses and implications on learning process

    Our daily life and the society are rapidly changing and modernizing. What skills need to be built and developed to become a successful professional in demand in professional and personal circles? How can you provide yourself and the student assistance in evoluting skills and talents, confidence, and find your own path? Skillfolio’s digital platform was able to challenge Yessenov University’s lecturers (YU).

    Since November 1, 2021, a team of YU’s certified tutors (14 people) will complete the I-stream teaching staff training through the Skillfolio digital platform, and the Tourism and Languages ​​Faculty members have completed a course in social and emotional diagnostics on the Skillfolio digital platform.

    The Skillfolio digital platform is a tool for evolution of skills and talents. The platform uses a set of tools for diagnosing adolescents 13-18 years old, such as simulators to determine the level of memorization and attention, a test quest to determine their role in a team, the development of emotional competence, and interest tests. These are not classic career guidance tests, they are a reflection of the direction of the child’s development, his future career evolution.

    Skillfolio Diagnostics is the foundation for your future learning paths. This is not a classic career guidance test, but a direct determination of the abilities, skills and professional roles of students. The results will help determine the direction of development, the proposed training profile and potential areas of activity. The study was developed on the ground of a test to determine the level of social and emotional intelligence and is specially adapted for children in family education. It only takes 30 to 60 minutes.

    So what have we learned with this platform? We have learned the development of skills and technique of tools in their work, as well as the formation and development of certain skills and competencies in students (time management during the day, managing emotions, planning and applying new technologies for effective learning, strategic recommendations, etc.). Developing these skills, the student determines his/her “ weakness” and “ strengths”, understands his/her “development zone”, strives for development.

    The seminars include diagnostics and dynamics of SOFT SKILLS: emotional intelligence, teamwork, communication, creative, critical, systematic and digital thinking, active discussion of real-life problems.

    The course “Development of tutoring competencies of a modern teacher” through the Skillfolio platform was attended by 109 students, the training lasted a month.