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    RSUI: A One Stop Health Service Towards World Class Teaching Hospital

    Universitas Indonesia (UI) constantly demonstrates its commitment to be the center of excellence for knowledge and technology for the development of Indonesia and the world by collaborating with JICA in building and inaugurating Rumah Sakit Universitas Indonesia (RSUI) at UI Depok campus by the end of 2018. It is the first higher education hospital in Indonesia with green hospital building concept and design – environmental friendly and patient-safety oriented, and provide a one stop health service – all primary, secondary and tertiary medical services in one roof.

    Previously UI has built another hospital called RSCM which integrated with Faculty of Medicine, however, it has transformed into a national public hospital which provides specialist and sub-specialist services managed by The Ministry of Health. Therefore, UI establishes RSUI as a ‘laboratory’ which not only providing services to people but also as the center of education and research of Health Science Cluster (RIK).

    RSUI consists of 82.074 m2 building on 106.100 m2 area at RIK Building complex and connected with a sky bridge to provide an integrated professional education service for doctor, dentist, nursery, pharmacy and public health. This concept is also transformed through the development of Depok Academic Health-Care Network (DAHCN) which consists of hospitals and community health center in Depok and surrounding area, to provide and improve integrated health service to people by increasing capacity and capability of health service facilities including knowledge, skill and competency of DAHCN health worker.

    In Indonesia, RSUI is the first digital higher education hospital which applies operational management system based on network information technology front end-to-back end. The database which used optic-fiber network guarantee a seamless data and make data warehousing is possible to do for operational management, service implementation, integrated education and innovative translational research activities.

    RSUI aims to become a world class teaching hospital by the year of 2025. Therefore implementation collaboration in services, education and research activities are required to fulfill its vision. It is supported by the current medical equipment to conduct clinic research, operational and bio-medic research which produce innovation in early detect disease, medicine, treatment and health recovery. Several available research institutes are emergency care, premature and neonatal intensive care, high risk pregnancy, teen health, women health, stroke and neuro-behavior, heart and blood vessel, geriatric and productive elderly, nutrition and metabolic disorder, vision and hearing disorder, epidemiology clinic, and public health intervention.

    In the future, global cooperation will become the main asset to introduce and accelerate knowledge development and technology in health science cluster. The priority of the cooperation is to create innovation in health problem solving at local, national, regional and global level. By investing in management information system and communication information technology, RSUI is capable to establish a global cooperation with the best world health service centers to create any possibilities in conducting high economic potential research and achieve its vision as a world class teaching university.