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    Research center at Stanford uses social science inquiry to tackle solutions to current problems

    The employment landscape is transforming with the rise of artificial intelligence, automation and other technologies. As such, it has become increasingly significant to find methods to protect and warrant the dignity of workers and have society value what they do.

    As part of the Future of Work and Workers Project at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences (CASBC), there have been discussions about the integration of computer science and social science through unique methods to design improved systems for improved employment compatibility; thereby allowing employees to have a voice and bargaining power which is a critical move towards helping to build sustainable, healthy work and social environments in the future.

    The two among many other research initiatives started at CASBS recently include:

    Mindset Scholars Network

    The network’s objective is to advance research on the characteristics that can result in effective learning. The concept builds on existing research on the growth mindset, the understanding that intellectual abilities are not fixed attributes; rather they can be enhanced and improved in students when nurtured by relevant motivations. One of which include online activities designed to foster such mindset that can help advance students’ performance in schools.

    Technology and Society

    Automation, artificial intelligence and other technological changes have impact on the society. Therefore, at present, the team has been focusing on the utilisation of social science research to alleviate some of the challenges brought about by technology to safeguard the general well-being of individuals. This initiative not only involves research on the pioneer batch of digital native, people born after the mid-1990s and their communication styles; it also focuses on assessing technology to enhance human experience in medicine. In addition, the center is hosting a public symposium series on consequences of technological developments in society.

    Source: Stanford

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